Can't sleep at night?

In our busy, modern lives where we are constantly juggling work schedules, finances and family life, then it is, all too often, easy to find ourselves feeling too stressed to sleep.

Are you getting enough? Ideal sleeping times are:

0-3yrs - 16hrs

3-18yrs - 10hrs

19-65yrs - 8hrs

Over 65yrs - 6hrs

Sleeping is the brain's way of recharging the body and mind and while we REM, we process the stress of our day.

Good Sleep is Crucial -Sleep is a biological necessity critical to your quality of life. It affects everything from your productivity to your health to your mood. While most of us assume that sleep hours cut into our productive hours, we are actually more productive with sufficient sleep!

We spend a third of our lives asleep, and while we are sleeping, our brain is subconsiously actively processing our stress, so it is crucial we get enough sleep.

4 Stages of Sleep

Stage 1 - Just drifting down nicely, in that very light state that can cause us to jump if disturbed.

Stage 2 - Body is in preparation for Deep Sleep, heart rate decreases, and body temperature drops.

Stage 3 - Delta, in deep sleep. Most restful stage.

Stage 4 - Theta, also known as REM.  This is the Dreaming state - Deep sleep, where our brain is processing stress.


Why can't you sleep?

 Some reasons are:

Stress and Anxiety


Brain over stimulation


Change in circumstances

Temperature Changes

Hormonal Imbalances

Over Tiredness


Insomnia is Damaging

The consequences of a poor night's sleep on a daily basis are higher stress levels, poor decision making, difficulty concentrating and irrational behaviour.

Sleep deprivation can also have seriously negative long term health consequences. Insomnia impacts the immune system.

Research suggests that sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, increased risk of stroke, diabetes and depression.

Come for your Initial Consultation in Manorbier, where I will explain how sleep and lack of sleep effect the brain, and can create your 'Sleep Well' programme using a CD at night, to enable your sleeping patterns to normalise again.  Call 07792 706275 for more information or to book an initial consultation.


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