Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome affecting your life?

It's your digestive system telling you it is stressed! Hypnotherapy helps control stress in the mind, which then controls stress in the body.

When we have high levels of stress in our system, our body reacts to this by shutting down certain functions in the body to prioritise the ones that manage stress.  One of the functions that loses resources and energy is the digestive system, so this explains why IBS can become an issue when you feel anxious.

IBS sufferers usually feel stuck and have to plan their lives meticulously around the nearest toilet or exit.  Simple pastimes, like walking, long trips in the car, cinema or theatre visits, travelling on a plane and camping are just a few scenarios that would be impossible.  Hypnotherapy helps you unstick your life.  Slow and simple steps managing the stress in the system take you forward.

If you think you would benefit from extra help, it may be worth considering hypnotherapy. Please contact me for more information, call 07792 706 275 or email

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