Hypnobirthing is 'hyp' in Pembrokeshire!

This month I'm focusing on how hypnotherapy can help with the management of birth and labour. Self hypnosis can help women who want a gentle, natural birth with minimal intervention. It’s becoming very popular here in the UK.

But what exactly does it involve?

Hypnosis for childbirth has been used for more than a century now. Self-hypnosis just refers to a person being able to alter their own state of consciousness by practising techniques so that normally perceived experiences, such as pain, do not reach awareness or do so with less force. It’s becoming more common for women to request a “hypno-birth” and midwives across the UK not only welcome it but are also training to understand the techniques so that they can assist in the process too. Some women like to hire their hypnotherapy practitioner to assist them in labour as well, but, this isn’t necessary – the practice and exercises will do the job!

Generally, hypnosis for childbirth is taught one-to-one or via classes and, between sessions, the expectant mother is encouraged to practise visualization and relaxation exercises regularly in preparation for the birth. Dads can be actively involved too, which for some parents-to-be is part of the appeal; they can learn how to gently encourage their partner through the process, so many Dads attend the sessions too.

So what are the benefits and are there any risks?

It seems that more women are questioning the level of medical intervention needed in the birth process, and feel that if pregnancy and labour are progressing normally, would prefer to deliver in their own time and in their own way. Hypnosis in childbirth forms a part of that approach. Certainly many women who have experienced it have enjoyed a calm, even relaxed, birthing experience. Research in the USA in recent years indicates that outcomes for women who used self hypnosis in childbirth have had fewer post-birth problems than those who didn’t, but as interest grows here in the UK, studies are in progress which will provide feedback on overall outcomes.

Hypnotherapy is a great way to reduce stress levels in general, and therefore it makes perfect sense that hypnosis techniques can be very beneficial in childbirth. I work with parents who prefer to have a birth experience with minimal intervention, and that includes pain relief. I use an approach which focuses on women understanding the physiology of labour and birth, and understanding some of the terms she may hear throughout her labour. The aim with hypnosis for childbirth is to develop a woman’s natural physiological ability to birth through confidence, understanding and control. The mother is taught to induce and maintain a state of self-hypnosis through a variety of techniques, which I can teach one a one-to-one or class approach, where parents-to-be meet each other and this can provide a very supportive network for them too.

Hypnosis for childbirth is highly effective for most women, but they do need to also work with their midwives and medical personnel, and if there are any indications during pregnancy that a hypno-birth may not be suitable, they should listen to medical experts as safety and the well-being of both mum and baby are paramount. If there are no contra-indications then communicating to the midwifery team as early as possible about this approach is helpful in the care planning process.


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