Feeling anxious or stressed out?

The time to relax, is most important when you feel you don't have time for it!

Anxiety is a normal primitive reaction in the brain to alert us to threat and causes a feeling of 'stress' in the mind and the body. However, it is only useful if we are actually in danger. If we are not, then this level of alertness and stress limits our rational perception to life and and can be detrimental to our well being. Hypnotherapy helps you relax, and bring your levels of anxiety right down. Does Stress limit your life? Do you feel like you can't cope with situations and events in your life that you could previously? If so, you may have what we call a full 'stress bucket', which is a metaphorical vessel in our brains indicating that it's time to relax and empty the bucket. Are you under pressure? Do you feel that the small things in life are getting to you? Has your level of tolerence gone down and irritability gone up? If so, this suggests that your anxiety levels are too high and you may need to address things before they escalate. Is panic attacking you? When we feel panic, this is the brain's last attempt to get you out of a perceived threatening situation. This is good if you are in real danger, but if you are not, this can be a very limiting place to find yourself. Do you feel paranoid? Paranoia is a very debilitating condition, stopping us from performing the simplest of tasks and limit our social interactions. We are in danger of isolating ourselves into depression if we do not tackle this negative state of mind. For more information or to book an initial consultation so we can tailor your individual plan for you together, call or text Tammy Foley on 07792 706275

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