We have nothing to fear but fear itself

We fear the unknown. When we learn to face the fear, it becomes a 'known', and the fear disappears.

Fear affecting your choices?

Are you governed by what you do or don't do by your fear or your phobia?  If so, you are not in control over your choices and your fears are controlling your life choices.  You can take back the control again, you just need to learn how.

Fear gripping your mind?

Are you convincing yourself that you can live with the fear, work around the fear, avoid the fear or even pretend the fear doesn't exist.  If this is the case, then the fear has it's grip on your intellect and you'll be pleased to hear, you can learn to take control again.

Fears getting worse?

Does your fear feel worse than it did, almost like a weed in the garden that has overgrown and taken over?  Well, you will be pleased to hear that hypnotherapy helps like an organic weedkiller, and helps you see the beautiful garden in your mind again.

Fear or Phobia?

A fear response can be useful to keep us safe and out of danger.  However, a phobic response is a panic and anxiety based reaction that is designed to completely stop us in our tracks.  These reactions are primitive and usually not necessary in our modern world.

Here at Tammy Foley Hypnotherapy in Pembrokeshire, we take things slowly, at your pace, and together find the way through the depression. You will learn to take control over your mind in a safe and supported way.

Your Hypnotherapy programme is tailored specifically for you to help you identify the ideal goal, and supports your progress in a way that is gentle and subtle.  

Your action steps become apparent along the way that are achievable to your own suitability and pace.  The actual sessions on the couch are designed to get your mind in a positive trance state, where you learn how to relax at a deep level.  

During this trance-like relaxation, your brain is working at least 70 times as hard for you accessing your own internal resources and abilities within you that will be useful for you to move along the path of your purpose in a measured and disciplined way.  

Your focus will improve as well as your confidence.

Trance is of course a natural state that our brain finds itself in approximately every 6-7 mins.  The brain needs to be in this state often to be able to process events and experiences that are happening around us on every sensory level.  The brain is like a sophisticated computer processor that responds and reacts through what is being coded into it, and then performs the operations and tasks that are necessary to function.

When we go into trance on the hypnotherapy couch, this experience is called REM and is very similar to a deep relaxation, where, your body feels comfortably heavy, but your mind feels comfortably light.  you begin to notice a detachment from the everyday thoughts and it's almost like the drifty, floaty feeling you have just before you wake up in the morning, where you are not quite awake, but not quite asleep.

This state is hugely beneficial, as your brain is at it's optimum resting point, but also at it's optimum productivity.  So, all suggestions that are positive and solution focused will be taken on board and given an action plan by you when you return to your daily tasks.


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Tammy Foley is a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist practising near Tenby, Pembrokeshire

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