Quitting Smoking

The secret of hypnotherapy is that it helps people to use their imagination to create a non-smoking future.  This often feels very positive and empowering.  Stopping smoking becomes the positive and definite choice and allows you to regain control, not only of your smoking habits, but of your life.

The only thing I ask is that it's your decision to quit, not a family member or friend trying to persuade you etc.  As long as it's your decision then, with some people, hypnotherapy immediately becomes a very good tool to help you stop this negative habit.

The physical addiction to cigarettes is less than 10% – the rest is all in the mind, which can be re-educated!

Within the two-hour session it will be explained how you have created such a dangerous habit, as well as reminding you of the dangers of smoking, and how hypnosis can help you to stop. As long as you have a genuine desire to stop smoking, you could leave the therapy session a non-smoker, with no cravings. 

To find out more about quitting smoking phone/text 07792 706 275 or email tfoleyhypno@gmail.com

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