Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS

Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS) can affect as many as one in five of us. It is generally recognised by sufferers with griping pains and churning in the stomach, bloating,  cramps, diarrhea, and constipation. This can then follow by individuals developing fears of being too far from the nearest WC, or avoiding certain social situations, and can have a major effect on our lives.

If you are suffering from IBS symptoms your Doctor should be your first port of call where possible. Once you have been diagnosed and the triggers have been found, whether it be sensitivity and pain in the gut, digestive problems, food allergies or psychological problems or a combination of all of these,  we can work towards finding solutions.

IBS can be exacerbated by stress, and often doctors will recommend relaxation and hypnotherapy to help. 

How I can help… 

Hypnotherapy can help with IBS, by reducing the way you view stress and anxiety in your life. This can be caused by any number of reactors in our lives. Commonly financial worries, health issues, stress at work, and relationship and family issues, lack of sleep etc. can cause anxiety and stress.

Through questioning we will identify the solutions to reducing worry, anxiety and stress, and help to get you focused on the positive aspects of your life, and away from the issue itself, which in itself starts to shift the focus in your mind.

To arrange an initial consultation with me and to find out more about helping your IBS phone/text 07792 706 275

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