The obsessional mind wants you to think it is in control, but you know that you can control it.

OCD is a high alert response to perceived threat.

The original part of your brain is the primitive mind and is constantly on the look out for danger and emergency.  However, as humans we have evolved into living in 'less extreme' circumstances.  

When you suffer from OCD, it simply means your stress response has heightened dramatically.  Hypnotherapy helps balance that out and enables you to come back to a feeling of safety and security again.

The fear of germs, dirt, infection, illness or contamination can be so strong in some people, that everything around them is perceived to be a direct threat to health, immunity and sometimes even life itself.  Are you reacting to your external world in a fear based way that contributes to raising your anxiety levels and often making yourself repeat the cleansing behaviour in an obsessional way? Hypnotherapy helps calm your mind down and helps your life feel like a safer place to live in.

Thinking is either negative or positive.  Obsessional thoughts are negative, and keep you trapped in the part of our brain that is always looking at life from the worst case scenario.  This can mean that your obsessional thinking can actually self perpetuate within your mind and get trapped in the belief loop, where your negative thoughts actually become your experiences.  Hypnotherapy helps reframe the negativity into positivity and helps attract the positives towards you instead.

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