Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

What I can help with

Using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, I work with clients who are committed to change.  
Hypnotherapy can help with areas such as:
•Easing Stress and Anxiety
•Lifting Depression
•Goal Achievement and motivation
•Fears and Phobias
•Weight Management
•Quitting smoking
•Exam Stress and Revision

Other issues effectively resolved by hypnotherapy include IBS, Insomnia, Panic Attacks, Eating Disorders, Compulsive Habits, Skin Problems and Childbirth.

I offer a no obligation initial consultation, so we can discuss how hypnotherapy can help you and dispel any fears or anxieties you may have about it.  You can ask any questions, find out how simple it is to change and discover how hypnotherapy can work for you. 

I look forward to helping you get the confidence and motivation to change your life in a positive way.