Coaching, Hypnotherapy & Mind Training

Tammy Foley Hypnotherapy tailors programmes specifically to you,  helping you identify your goal or purpose, and supporting your progress in a way that is both subtle and long lasting.  These include one to one online sessions, customised audios and workplace wellbeing workshops.

Coaching Hypnotherapy Mind Training

Due to the current health restrictions regarding COVID-19 I am unable to offer face to face appointments.

GOOD NEWS: You CAN book ONLINE sessions – which are just as effective!

ONLINE consultations via Zoom are available.

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Coaching Hypnotherapy Mind Training

What is Hypnotherapy?

Clinical Hypnotherapy is not the staged hypnotherapy you see on TV. You will be in control at all times, and will choose the level of trance and positive suggestions that you wish to participate in.

Coaching Hypnotherapy Mind Training

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Here you’ll find my latest articles.  If you have a question about Hypnotherapy, Mind Training or Coaching that you would like me to write about and/or answer, please get in contact. 

Coaching Hypnotherapy Mind Training

I cannot recommend Tammy Foley Hypnotherapy highly enough. Professional and caring consultation provided for help quitting smoking. I left the consultation and have not smoked since, that was over 7 years ago.


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