New normal, new thinking

Let’s face it, times are uncertain. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring at the best of times and this is even more prevalent in the current climate! Covid-19 has changed the way we live, think and work, with many of us working from home, juggling home and work life. There is one thing that is certain though……..we know that adjusting to change can be challenging. Whether it is planned or unplanned, gradual or sudden, change is inevitable.

Unfortunately, our primitive mind does not like change. In fact it perceives anything new as a threat. And as a result, our unconscious processes are freaking out. General anxiety and stress have paved the way for Covid-19 anxiety / Corona anxiety, which in turn can wear down our immune system. We now need more support for our mental health and wellbeing than ever. So please be kind and gentle to yourself. If you find it difficult adjusting to YOUR new normal, it’s never too early or too late to reach out and ask for help.

With mindfulness, relaxation and hypnotherapy, you can quickly feel that you are coping again.

The way I work with online sessions is simple:-

(1) You are used to going into a trance in front of a screen every single day anyway. So this bit is pretty straight forward. We arrange a Zoom call and work out what needs to happen for you to feel calmer, more confident and capable of coping.

(2) I can’t change your situation or make Covid-19 disappear, but I can help you feel more resourceful, braver, happier, able to cope and able to get on with life than what you feel like right now.

For more information, please get in contact 😊

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