Want Success? Leave Your Comfort Zone!

Do you want to be more successful? Of course, you do. I’m sure there will be some areas in your life that you’d like to improve. We ALL have them.

Personally, I can think of several areas where I’d like to be more successful…….for instance, leaving the house in one swift move, remembering the bags for life when shopping, being able to sing in tune, although when I’m on my own I think I can….

Success isn’t what you have, what you’ve accomplished, or who you are. Being successful means that you are continually pushing new boundaries. You’re never allowing yourself to get ‘stuck’. You’re never giving up nor giving in.

In other words, you must do the things you think you cannot do!

Here are some tips to help you grow from your comfort zone:-

  • Start by doing the thing you don’t want to do. Do the thing that is difficult or scary. Do all the things you need to do and procrastinate about. And do those first.
  • If you haven’t done those things in a while they will be overwhelming. Break them down into small chunks. If you need to declutter the house of course you’d be overwhelmed when you think about that! Instead, pick one drawer in one room and start there.
  • Take some kind of action, that one small step towards your goal every day. It doesn’t matter how small that action may be.
    Mini actions add up.
  • Self-congratulate yourself. Or tell yourself you’re good at something. You’ve got this!
  • Be mindful and relaxed…..training your amazing brain with hypnosis recordings.

Five simple things you can implement today. Let me know how you get on!

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