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It is believed that over a third of the population suffer with sleeping problems according to the NHS.
It may be the case that you have:

• Problems getting to sleep.
• Waking during the night and struggling to get back to sleep.
• Waking up too early in the morning and failing to resettle.

Stress and anxiety are common causes of insomnia, and also depression.

Lack of sleep over a period of time can affect us negatively with fatigue, irritability, reduced problem solving skills, lack of motivation, inability to cope with stress, weight gain and a reduced immune function. Along with this, sleep is our time for learning and memory when we enter into REM (rapid eye movement) dream phases of sleep. Sleep is when our body replenishes and repairs itself, and the ‘happy’ chemicals like serotonin and dopamine are restored, so it is vital that we get enough of it, or we can suffer both physically and mentally. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can encourage and restore normal sleep patterns, by reducing the amount of stress and anxiety we perceive in our lives.

Commonly, financial worries, health issues, stress at work, and relationship and family issues can cause anxiety. Often, the less sleep we get, the worse they can seem!

In some cases, it can be the dread of going to bed, as we know we will lie there for hours, and we find ourselves in the grip of a vicious cycle. The more we agonise over it, the harder it will be to find that nice, sleepy, relaxed state.

Hypnotherapy can replicate the REM sequence, and the techniques learnt will aid a good night’s sleep. This will help to make a clearer headed, refreshed, more motivated and happier you wake in the morning after a good night’s sleep.

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