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Childbirth hypnotherapy

Childbirth Made Easier

As a mother myself, I truly understand the benefits of hypnosis, not only during childbirth, but during the pregnancy as well. The mind can be trained to experience discomfort as only pressure, and that is what is achieved in childbirth hypnosis. In addition, with labour, the more relaxed the mother is, the more comfort she will have. Physical relaxation, using guided visualisations followed by positive hypnotic suggestions, is learned and practiced daily in preparation for birth. Suggestion is given to the subconscious mind to believe that birth will be comfortable, easy and more enjoyable.

Fertility Hypnosis

How Fertility Hypnosis Works

Reproduction is one of our most delicately balanced biological systems (e.g. the precise cocktail of hormones required). Stress and limiting thoughts and beliefs can all affect fertility and conception, reducing your chance of getting pregnant whether naturally or with fertility treatment. Infertility itself can be a source of great stress.

Anxiety and stress hypnosis therapy

Easing Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety is a common complaint when trying to achieve a work/life balance and most people encounter it at some point. When stress or anxiety reaches a stage where it is overwhelming, we are not coping well or our quality of life deteriorates, then this excessive or prolonged stress or anxiety can lead to illness, physical and emotional exhaustion, increased anxiety or even panic attacks.

Psychological help Hypnotherapy

Goal Achievement and Sport Motivation

Lack of confidence or motivation can be caused by underlying degrees of stress, anxiety or depression. Lacking confidence in ourselves and our abilities is often because we hold negative thoughts about past or future life experiences.

Psychological help Hypnotherapy

Lifting Depression

Depression is perhaps the most common psychological disorder today – a significant factor in the break up of relationships, career problems and lack of motivation. Often, when it occurs, the individual will turn in on themselves and refuse to engage with others, pushing away friends and loved ones and have a general feeling of despair or inability to see how their situation can change for the better. Often, it starts so gradually the individual doesn't realise anything is wrong, but they will start to withdraw more and more from living. Severity can range from being almost totally dysfunctional to having some of the symptoms associated with the illness such as:-

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Weight Control

Eating disorders, such as Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating, are often an outlet for a range of emotions including anger, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. Such responses can be caused by a variety of factors: a general inability to cope, psychological trauma, bereavement or difficult relationships. Eating disorders can develop as a coping mechanism in response to these stresses.

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OCD is a high-alert response to perceived threat. The original part of your brain is the primitive mind, and is constantly on the lookout for danger and emergency. However, as humans, we have evolved into living in 'less extreme' circumstances.

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It is believed that over a third of the population suffer with sleeping problems according to the NHS.

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Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS) can affect as many as one in five of us. It is generally recognised by sufferers with gripping pains and churning in the stomach, bloating, cramps, diarrhea, and constipation. This can then be followed by individuals developing fears of being too far from the nearest WC, or avoiding certain social situations, and can have a major effect on our lives.

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Quitting Smoking

The secret of hypnotherapy is that it helps people to use their imagination to create a non-smoking future. This often feels very positive and empowering. Stopping smoking becomes the positive and definite choice and allows you to regain control - not only of your smoking habits - but of your life.

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